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Surrealism Art Exhibition

By ‘Jarmo’ Kamolchat Pangtho

Gallery : ONE WALL ART FOUNDAT “Belief and faith in religion have always played a significant role in Thai culture and society. Although technology is evolving so fast, the influence from those traditional beliefs can still be seen in the present day through Thai people’s attitudes and the way of life. As Thai society is a compromising society, so is the belief that is adjusted to a modern way, especially allowing the faithful to engage in religious activity through technology. For example, online amen, Like and share for merit, using Thai traditional garland to pay respect to engines and Buddhist monks sermonize using microphone and speaker. We may think it’s credulous, and may not be making any sense at all. On the other side, if everything is real and the holy spirit does exists, then the prayer received what they are praying for. We will see it confusingly relying on each other between beliefs and science. As well as this contemporary painting set to represent the unusual perspective of our society. The concept is to integrate Thai beliefs, miracles, spirits and science fiction with imagination to find the connection of two completely different set of beliefs”


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